Monday, June 14, 2010

Trip to the DMV

Well the trip to the DMV was not smooth, but in the end I have my temp tags and an appointment with the California Highway Patrol for a Vin Verification next month.  It took about an hour for the manager of the Santa Monica DMV to come up with a plan.  They had to contact the State.  If you can find your Engine Block # in advance that would be helpful.  It was also an expensive visit!  Taxes here are crazy and my little 12 year old Twike cost me $1600 in taxes and fees...

On the up side.  This was my first long distance trip.  I purchased AAA coverage because they have DMV service, but after wasting an hour there they sent me down to the regular DMV.  I was smart and scheduled a back up appointment there!!! saving HOURS.  I literally COASTED and peddled the Twike all the way there using only 1 V of energy for 5 miles.  My range estimator LIT up when I turner it on to journey home.  I think it got as high as 50+ miles.  I started with around 378V and ended the trip home with 350 (all uphill).   So 10 miles and I think I could make that trip two more times!  Pretty amazing!  I had no trouble in traffic and actually people let you in because they want to stare longer!

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