Saturday, May 22, 2010

Twike 103

Is there anybody out there?  Hi, I'm Twike 103.  I was built in Switzerland and was imported to the USA and ended up in Oregon where I sat for some time until I was resurrected by a gentlemen in Arkansas.  My limited range of 20 miles prevented me from being too useful in most of the sprawling areas of the USA.

 I now reside in Los Angeles.  A city of millions of people trapped in their cars.

 My mission is freedom.  The freedom to move your feet, not ever visit a gas station, not to subsidize wars, not to pollute the air, not to pollute the Gulf of Mexico.  I'm the most efficient form of powered transportation ever mass produced.  I don't know how many brothers and sisters I have, but hopefully they'll find me though this blog.

We need to be visible and viable as an intelligent means of transportation.  New, I was too expensive.  Being 10 years old allowed a nice well intentioned man, obviously in over his head, to purchase me for a more reasonable amount.

This blog is my story.