Sunday, June 20, 2010

11 Mile loop today

Range testing.  
Today we took the Twike on a Sunday drive.  I hadn't realized I tripped the breaker on the garage socket where I've been charging up.  (due to a bum plug on the twike I need to replace)  We started the journey with about 375V and ended with 354.  We went all the way to the ocean and stopped at Whole Foods on Montana before climbing back up the mountain.

The thing I have to get used to about the Twike is that when you're accelerating the Voltage drops by about 20 to 30V and I get scared wondering how much it'll pop back up when I take my finger off the accelerator & if I'll take it into the red (battery light) during the push.  Once I'm at a constant speed and not conquering any hills the Twike ticks away in cruise control barely using any Volts.

I'm not very confident in the regenerative breaking.  It can take the Volts up to 400 (at which I let off), but then drops to back where you started maybe gaining 1V.  I need to do some more downhill tests to really understand.

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