Sunday, July 25, 2010

California License Plates!

After my long awaiting appointment at the Santa Monica DMV I left with a shiny new motorcycle plate for the Twike.   I whited out my license plate #, just incase someone would want to find and steel me! j/k  Notice the red plate fragment behind the new Cali plate.  The holes in the Twike are for a standard Automotive License plate so that is an old Arkansas fragment with holes in it to accommodate the motorcycle plate done by the previous owner.

I'm fully street legal now!  I just need to fish a passenger seat belt out of an old mercedes (REPA Seat belts were used in the Twike) or other german car that fits so my passengers feel safe.  With motorcycle plates do they need to be wearing one, though?


  1. Most states do not require seat belts on motorcycles. Maine has a special "autocycle" law, so it may be required.

    Your LED tail lights look interesting -- did you do that or did it arrive from Arkansas already installed?

  2. So, is this a Twike & owner in the Santa Monica area? Might you bring the Twike to Porterville, CA for an Earth Day festival (May 6, 2011?) Steve Reynolds